A wedge-tailed eagle flies away from us and towards the left of the photograph, above a paddock and flowering gorse. We can see its large, wedge-shaped tail especially clearly. Photo: Kawinwit Kittipalawattanapol.
Photo: Kawinwit Kittipalawattanapol

Events calendar

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  • February

    CallTrackers workshops within World Wetlands Day talks

    • 3 February 2023
    • 10am–12.30pm, Tamar Island Wetlands Centre
    • 1pm–3.30pm, Tamar Island Wetlands Centre
    • Free!
  • March

    Where? Where? Wedgie! survey bookings open

    • Bookings via App
    • Bookings close just before each weekend starts
  • May

    Where? Where? Wedgie! teaching resources

    • Curriculum-aligned lesson plans & nine short videos
    • Ideal daily activity timing: 15–25 May
    • Free!
  • May

    Where? Where? Wedgie! live schools webinars

    Supporting the teaching resources:

    • Intro Thu 11 May 9 am or Mon 15 May 11.30 am
    • Q&A Mon 29 May 11.30 am or Tue 30 May 9 am
    • Free!
  • Mid-May & end-May

    Where? Where? Wedgie! surveys

    • Friday–Sunday 10–12 May 2024
    • Friday–Sunday 24–26 May 2024
  • September – November

    Peak Claws on the Line survey period

  • September

    Claws on the Line school visits

    • Devonport & Latrobe
    • Monday–Wednesday 11–13 September 2023
    • Free!
  • October

    Claws on the Line art competition workshop

    School holiday workshop for primary school-aged students

    • 11–12.30pm or 2–3.30pm Tuesday 3 October 2023
    • Devonport Regional Gallery
    • Free!
  • October

    Claws on the Line art competition

    For primary school-aged students

  • October

    CallTrackers surveys

    • CallTrackers surveys underway October through to April
    • Bookings now open — surveys start 1 October 2023
  • October

    Let’s get to grips with iNaturalist!

    Workshop with Dr Clare Hawkins

    • 3–5pm Monday 9 October 2023
    • Melrose Rooms, Devonport Library
    • Free!
  • October

    Extinction Matters BioBlitz

    • Kelcey Tier Greenbelt
    • Schools activities 20 October 2023
    • Community activities 20–21 October 2023
A warmly-dressed person with a Where? Where? Wedgie! beanie leans on wooden deck railing as they survey with their binoculars across far distant, cloud-topped mountains extending to the sunlit, hazy grey horizon. Photo: Stephen Anstee.
Photo: Stephen Anstee