A typical Where? Where? Wedgie! team of three people beside a forest practise for the surveys. One is holding a camera with a long lens, one holds a pair of binoculars and is pointing to the sky, and the third has a clipboard. They are all looking in the direction that the second person is pointing in. One of the team is Clare Hawkins and another is James Pay. Photo: Justin Smith.
Photo: Justin Smith


NatureTrackers is an ongoing program to build a community of citizen scientists who can help monitor threatened and other species. Together, we can make a difference.


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Close-up of a wedge-tailed eagle landing on a dead branch in a field, with forest out of focus behind. Its wings are still outstretched and its front talons are on the branch. The pale feathers on the nape of its neck indicate that it is a young bird. Photo: Alfred Schulte, taken at Inala on Bruny Island.
Photo: Alfred Schulte, Inala, Bruny Island