A warmly-dressed man with distant mountains behind him stands on the edge of a slope into a cloud-filled valley, surveying for Where? Where? Wedgie! He directs his binoculars to the right of the photo. Photo: Heidi Krajewsky.
Photo: Heidi Krajewsky

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“Where? Where? Wedgie! Or Where? Where? Vanilla Slice! Or Lovely Picnic Spot! Or Great Bike Ride! Or Yellowing Fagus! So many options to choose from during the Where? Where? Wedgie! citizen science surveys…”

Tamar NRM

Our numbers so far…

  • 1488 Subscribed NatureTrackers
  • 837 Where? Where? Wedgie! app users
  • 99 Where? Where? Wedgie! : survey squares booked for 2+ days
  • 38 Where? Where? Wedgie! : complete data uploaded for 2+ days
  • 55 Eagles tagged for research since
  • 267 Burrowing crayfish chimneys mapped since


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You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Are our efforts to protect and recover threatened species working? Are the species we consider common still doing OK? Let’s work together to get up-to-date information, and help guide everyone’s conservation actions.

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With NatureTrackers, there are lots of interesting and useful things to be discovered, and skills to be honed, for people of all ages across the community. Join in to learn and share what you know!

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A woman standing on a narrow walking track in grassland in Tasmania’s southwest World Heritage Area smiles at the camera. She carries a backpack, shoulder bag and binoculars. A mountain range can be seen behind her. Photo: Persia Brooks.
Photo: Persia Brooks