Close-up of a wedge-tailed eagle alighting on a dead branch. In the background, out of focus, are grass, reeds and a little forest.Its wings are still outstretched. The pale feathers on the nape of its neck indicate that it is a young bird. Photo: Alfred Schulte, taken at Inala on Bruny Island.
Photo: Alfred Schulte, Inala, Bruny Island

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The eagles below are part of a research project headed by Dr James Pay of the University of Tasmania. James and his colleagues are undertaking formally permitted research into Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle conservation. This includes high-frequency GPS tracking, which gives a really detailed insight into their flight behaviour. With enough tracker location data, combined with Where? Where? Wedgie! survey data and some clever maths, we also hope to obtain estimates of the overall population size. We’ll be adding more information to their profiles over time.

When you do your Where? Where? Wedgie! surveys, you just might see one of these eagles!

Sunlit view over numerous mountains laced with cloud, extending to the hazy grey horizon, with branches of temperate rainforest trees in the lower foreground. Photo: Stephen Anstee.
Photo: Stephen Anstee